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In The News There Are Some Cataclysm Stuff Like Female Worgen And Info About The New Races And Stuff

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 Crossfire FPS

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PostSubject: Crossfire FPS   Sun May 09, 2010 9:48 pm

Guns, Guts, Glory and ... Ghosts? Cross Fire, a new free FPS, has all these things including a new game mode called "Ghost Mode". Cross Fire boasts over 10 different maps, 30+ different guns and 4 game modes. It is a game that will quickly become one of the top games in the Free Online FPS industry.When you first start playing Cross Fire, you are confronted with the choice of 3 different types of player characters. The only difference in between the 3 characters is their look. The developers should eventually add more differences.There are 3 main problems in Cross Fire: Ping, hit regulation and sound. Cross Fire, being a replica of Counter-Strike 1.6, has almost everything down pat except for these 3 areas.There is a major problem in Cross Fire with pings. The servers, which are located in Canada, give off higher and higher pings the farther away you are from the main server. Anyone inside North America will get a relatively good ping, but currently there is nothing stopping anyone outside North America from playing. Cross Fire was made by SubaGames, but SubaGames was allowed to make it from a company who made the original Vietnamese version. When people look for Cross Fire, they usually find the American version. This leads to more people outside of North America playing. What happens is that someone from Brazil or Russia will come in and have over a 1,000 ping. That high of a ping makes it almost impossible for hit detection to take place on that person.The second main problem, hit regulation, doesn't look like it will be fixed anytime soon. If you are looking for a replica of Counter-Strike, I'd suggest either buying Counter-Strike or finding another game. Most headshots in this game are made by luck and are effected mainly by ping. If the person you are shooting has a low ping, and you have enough skill to aim at the head, you will likely get a headshot. If the person that you are aiming at has a ping of 500, your chances to get a headshot lessen dramatically. Hit regulation in this game can be put in the same category as ping because one compliments the other. There are no spray tactics in this game, because the spray on every gun is different. The only gun that follows the spray of Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source is the M4, where the bullets go up if you shoot at the ground. Guns like the AK-47 and AK-74 will eradicate your recoil.Sound, a major part in every gamer's playing style, is very ineffective in Cross Fire. The main game modes that utilize sound are Ghost Mode and Search and Destroy. Many times you will think you hear someone coming in front of you, when really they are right behind you. Sound is a major turnoff in this game and needs to be fixed immediately for this game to be more successful.
Cross Fire, like the game it replicates, will be big in competitive gaming. Since closed beta there have been lots of clans and teams. Only more came with the introduction of the ever-needed clan system in open beta. Although the clan system is not fully worked out, clans are still popping up every day. Matches are usually a 5 v 5, and it is played for 4 games of 7 rounds each game, on 2 different maps. The team with the most rounds won at the end, will win the scrimmage. What happens in Cross Fire though, which you will not see in Counter-Strike games, is the trash talk. Whether it be on the forums or in-game, trash talk and flaming in this game is outrageous. Once all the clans simmer down and play respectful, competition will improve considerably. Players are still waiting on an official Cross Fire League like other competitive shooters have.Overall, Cross Fire is the best free FPS since Combat Arms. Other than the 3 major problems mentioned earlier, Cross Fire is on its way to becoming the best in the business. With an active community and GM staff, no player is left feeling alone. The competitive side of Cross Fire boasts a great deal of competition and fun gameplay albeit the trash talking and flaming. Cross Fire is great for a free FPS, but can still not compare to retail FPS games like Counter-Strike 1.6, Source and the Battlefield series.
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Crossfire FPS
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